Mission Statement

Techmatic, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality products and service to our customers at competitive prices to maintain its continuous development. Through this development we will
strive to continually:

  • Employ qualified personnel while offering competitive wages, benefits, and a healthy, productive working environment.
  • Provide our best technical assistance to our customers to maintain their current systems for quality and efficiency.
  • Form partnerships with our suppliers that will allow us to deliver the highest quality and the best value possible.
  • Act with the highest quality and corporate responsibility in the communities in which we operate and serve our customers.

Only through these combined efforts will we be recognized by valued customers as a source for excellent quality and service.



Company Profile

Techmatic Incorporated was established in 1970 and soon became a superior supplier of quality chemicals and equipment used in the Metal Finishing Industry. This success happened quickly because of the competent personnel and their focus on servicing and meeting the needs of each individual customer; personally. With over 150 total years of experience in the Metal Finishing Industry among our employees, we can provide quality technical advice and answers to problems that our competitors cannot provide.

Our company, located in Nashville, TN, consists of a sales team, technical group, full service laboratory, customer service group and a 14,000 sq.ft. warehouse. Because we are under one roof, we can efficiently communicate together to prioritize our efforts daily towards satisfying the customer’s needs. Also, this allows us to be able to make quick decisions and quickly respond to issues, whereas, our competitors and larger suppliers cannot react and respond in the time frame that is necessary to keep the customer’s production lines operating.

It is a great advantage having our corporate office located in Nashville, TN because Nashville is located in the heart of our southeastern market. Our international airport provides easy access for both customers and vendors. Three major Interstate systems (I-40, I-65, I-24) run through this progressive city, enhancing transportation, technical service response time and product availability. Also, we maintain high levels of chemical inventory in our warehouse, allowing our customers to exercise their “ISO” and “Just in Time” programs, avoiding costly shut downs on their production lines. Our central location allows us to provide timely service that no one else can possibly provide.

At a time in our industry where suppliers require three days to process and ship an order, sometimes charging fees to customers for shipping orders on the day of receipt, ninety-nine percent of all Techmatic customers receive their order the next morning after placing the order. Equipment items may require additional delivery time since most equipment items are based on the manufacturer’s scheduling.

Our philosophy is to establish a partnership with customers who exhibit loyalty, who are environmentally responsible, financially stable, progressive companies that are complying with all agencies associated with our industry. As partners, we will provide high quality, environmentally friendly products, and educate the customers on the things necessary to remain profitable in an ever changing market. Also, we will continue providing high quality chemicals at a competitive price. Our products may not be the cheapest, but their performance and the quality of the finished product prove to be much more economical.

In the future, we will be promoting our new line of trivalent chromates, zinc alloys and silicate based seals. Also, Techmatic is developing new innovative equipment such as a new type of process that utilizes UV light to remove organics from semi bright and bright nickel, acid copper and rinse water. Also, this unit will break the complex between zinc-nickel, zinc-cobalt and other alloys which are creating problems in most waste treatment systems. This unit is capable of removing organics from Electroless Nickel processes. It is new, innovative processes and equipment items such as these that keep Techmatic in front of our competition as a chemical supplier.



Company History

In June of 1970, founder Daniel Singelyn created Techmatic Incorporated. During the late 60’s and early 70’s, the Metal Finishing Industry was rapidly changing toward equipment automation and quality technical service. Therefore, he chose the name Techmatic because he wanted his company to be “technical” and “automatic”.

Originally, our company was a distributorship providing electroplating chemistry and equipment to customers in the southeastern United States. We focused on the basic processes such as cleaners, copper, nickel/chrome and zinc. Our customer base was a mixture of automotive, appliance products, furniture goods, consumer goods and military applications. Equipment was a small percentage of our business, but very necessary to provide a complete package to our customers.

Techmatic Incorporated experienced rapid growth in the first ten years of operation and established a very loyal group of customers. This was because the company had become exactly what its name promoted; being technical and automatic. Our employees were very technically competent and dedicated to respond quickly to service problems.

In the early 80’s, the industry was in an economic recession and many plating shops were closing due to the EPA and other environmental issues. Instead of downsizing, Techmatic hired additional personnel to aggressively promote our own “Techmatic” product line, consisting of cleaners, acid salts, copper additives and nickel brighteners. Also, we responsibly promoted environmentally friendly processes such as non-cyanide zinc, non-cyanide copper, trivalent chromium and recovery equipment.

Also, during this same decade, we created an atmospheric evaporator called the “Headie”, later known as the “Max-Evap”, designed to create head room in the plating tanks so that rinse waters could be reclaimed. During this same period, we introduced the “Sludgematic”, which was the first gas sludge dryer, designed to reduce F006 sludge by a factor of five to one.

By 1987, the economy had rebounded drastically, so we hired four individuals to serve as salesmen and technical service representatives. Both chemical and equipment sales grew rapidly, so within a year, our business had doubled and record sales were achieved every year for the next ten years.

In 1999, Dan Singelyn sold the company to John Murphy who had been serving as the Operations Manager for the company for over fifteen years. Presently, John Murphy is serving as the CEO/President of the company and is still focused on being “technical” and “automatic”. Also, he is focused on future growth and expansion into new product lines to meet the requirements of this rapidly changing and volatile industry.



Sales Staff

John Murphy, CEF

Office: (615) 256-1416
E-Mail Address: president@techmaticinc.com
After attending Middle Tennessee State University majoring in accounting, in May of 1981, John Murphy joined Techmatic Inc. He started out in the warehouse and then moved into the laboratory. He later served as the purchasing agent for the company, then moving into a sales position. Within three years he was the leading salesman, doubling the size of the company. In October of 1987, he was promoted to Sales Manager and was responsible for promoting and supporting sales throughout the southeastern United States. In 1993 he became Operations Manager overseeing all aspects of the company. He has superior knowledge in plating processes and capable of solving most problems that may arise. After working his way up the ladder, in January of 1999, he purchased the company from its original owner and has served as President/CEO ever since. John lives in Nashville, TN, and has four grown children.
Pat Murphy, CEF
Office: (615) 256-1416
E-Mail Address: Pmurphy@techmaticinc.com
In October 1987, Pat Murphy joined Techmatic, Inc. to promote sales in our central territory. Prior to joining our sales team, Pat worked in commodity sales with Harcros Chemical and progressed into the Specialty Chemical Division of Diversey Wyndotte. This background has given him greater knowledge and experience than most people in the Metal Finishing Industry. Pat is not only an excellent salesperson, but he is capable of troubleshooting and solving any problems that may develop in a multitude of chemical processes. Pat is a graduate of The University of Kansas and is married with three children living in Nashville, TN.
Hank Greve CEF
Office: (615) 256-1416
E-Mail Address: hgreve@techmaticinc.com
Hank Greve After being discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1977, Hank returned to his family's plating business where he became Plant Manager. After the sale of the family business, Hank managed several plating shops in the Southeast which processed Copper, Duplex Nickel, Decorative Chrome, Alkaline Zinc,
Chloride Zinc,Zinc Phosphate and conventional Waste Water Treatment. In 1993, Hank moved his family to St. Louis, MO where he managed a Metal Finishing rack company. After 3 years Hank accepted a position with a well known specialty chemical supplier in Ohio managing the Southeast region in addition to working with distributors in technical sales and service throughout North America. In January 2008, Hank joined Techmatic Inc. as a Technical Sales and Service Representative for the
western region. Hank and his wife Lisa have five children and reside in McKenzie, TN.

Technical Staff

Tom Mraz, CEF
Office: (615) 256-1416
E-Mail Address: tmraz@techmaticinc.com
After graduating from The University of Toledo with a degree in chemistry, Tom was hired by Ohio Decorative Products as a chemist for their Edgerton Metal plating facility, which plated copper, nickel and chrome over zinc die castings for the appliance industry. In 1980, he was transferred to the Ken-Dec Division, a plant which plated decorative chrome to exterior automotive specifications. In both plants, Tom, was in charge of plating, maintenance, wastewater treatment operations and environmental compliance. In November 1996, Tom joined Techmatic Inc. as the Technical Director. With his past experience, Tom learned a great deal about chemical, mechanical and electrical requirements needed to run a successful Metal Finishing operation and brought this knowledge to Techmatic Inc. in order to service its customers. Tom can solve any metal finishing problem that develops. He is married with two children, and resides in Horse Cave, KY.






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